Recommend 9 small entrepreneurial projects

many friends want to start their own business as a boss, but entrepreneurship is not simple, first of all, the problem of funds. So, the small business is a lot of people look forward to, today Xiaobian recommended for each of the 9 small entrepreneurial projects, interested friends can look together.

1, pet funeral

2, voice beauty

the traditional image of beauty has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of modern life, improving the sound is becoming people to reshape the image of the pursuit. At present, in some places the emergence of voice beauty, mainly to allow professionals to teach people how to control and care for the sound. As in what time how to deal with the tone, which places should pay attention to the changes of mouth shape etc.. In the voice of the beauty of the customer to do, in general, presenters and students, teachers, as well as public relations staff.

3, production boss

4, home nurse

5, chef


6, one bar

7, mobile bath

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