The use of long afterglow business environment and warm business opportunities

everyone’s entrepreneurial ideas are different, some people think about their own business, but also to return to the community, and some people, but it may just blindly in order to make money. So some people can be rated as a famous figure, while others are taking legal responsibility. This article describes the use of a "long afterglow" business opportunities, is really environmentally friendly and warm.

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Li Xinze introduced this product during the day to absorb natural light, white light can shine for half an hour, about 10 hours in the dark night. The light that comes out is low. Similar to the fluorescent effect of the watch, but some light. However, the use of watches with sulfide, this product is a long afterglow. "Foreign countries have similar products, we have done in Europe, Japan’s export orders, but Hangzhou is rare." He said.

this product is non radioactive, energy saving and environmental protection.

"in addition to the night lighting," afterglow "the light is very soft, with beautiful improved luminous products made of its visual effect, foreign villas with more than." Li said, their luminous garden products, luminous traffic indication product series used in city construction, landscape construction, tourist attractions, residential villas, road traffic, fire safety, building decoration engineering, light.

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