mprove the internal management of small and medium enterprises to integrated system

The so-called

of small and medium-sized enterprises, usually characterized by a single product or service or fewer species, generally small scale enterprises, organizational structure is relatively simple, more single management, personnel quality is not high, easily at a disadvantage in the fierce competition in the market.

      the 2013 China according to CCID "management of small and medium enterprise health of the blue book", 2012 Chinese SME management health index was 61.1, the overall level is low in the sub healthy state, the basic management of the health index was 63.1, and the strategic management of the health index was only 56.5. The so-called strategic management, is the enterprise strategy formulation, implementation, evaluation and adjustment of other aspects of a comprehensive and systematic evaluation; whereas evaluation is the basic management of the enterprise organizational management, system, process system, human resource management, goal and plan management, business performance management, comprehensive evaluation.

    research found that there is a global awareness in strategic management, planning and implementation is not in place, lack of evaluation mechanism and existing problems; responsibility is not clear on the basis of management, responsibilities do not match, the system is not perfect, low level of application of information technology, human resources management concepts lag.

      from different dimensions, the management level of health of the enterprise is different. From the point of view of the enterprise property, the management process of foreign capital enterprises, private enterprise management mode. From the point of view of regional distribution, presents "East diminishing situation in the eastern region more comprehensive enterprise management system, the central and western regions is relatively backward. From the point of view of enterprise scale, there is a positive correlation between the level of health and the scale of enterprises. From the point of view of growth stage, the "two low, intermediate high" characteristics, the establishment of 6-9 years, the rapid growth of the highest level of corporate health. From the industry distribution, sophisticated industry is generally higher than in traditional industries.

      from the reality of the situation, SMEs in order to survive and develop, often only concerned about the short-term interests of enterprises, neglect or no time to take into account the long-term interests. There is no need for SMEs in strategic management? Strategic management can help enterprises solve the problem of survival and development of small and medium-sized enterprises? How to develop strategic management, how to effectively landing?

    strategic choice;; this, I think, it is necessary to pay full attention to the strategic management of small and medium enterprises, but must be abandoned "big and complete" thought, combined with the actual SMEs, grasp the key success factors, develop streamlined small strategy, to promote the rapid development of enterprises. Specifically, the small and medium-sized enterprise has the following options:


    small and medium-sized enterprises generally weak, competitive.

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