How much money is needed to join Arirang Korean barbecue

although the South Korean government bestie dry downtown government raise a Babel of criticism of the event, but this does not prevent us from eating Korean delicacy watching this farce, conscientiously do we eat melon masses. Can eat what good? South Korea is a country with developed economy, people’s pace of life is fast, eat barbecue is a very popular choice, Arirang Korean barbecue is a brand of a barbecue is very rich Korean characteristics, has now come to Chinese, warmly welcomed by consumers.

Arirang Korean barbecue joins need how many money?

Arirang Korean barbecue with advanced business philosophy and pragmatic style, adhering to the principle of mutual benefit, and around a person with breadth of vision integrity win-win together, to provide quality services for every franchisee, franchisee business no menace from the rear. Many of the franchisees to join the brand, Arirang Korean barbecue join much? The following Xiaobian introduce.

Arirang Korean barbecue to join the cost are as follows:

operating area: 100 square meters below

join fee: 9800 yuan

annual management fee: 800 yuan per year

business area: 200 square meters

join fee: 19800 yuan

annual management fee: 1800 yuan per year

business area: 300 square meters

join fee: 39800 yuan

annual management fee: 3000 yuan per year

business area: 500 square meters and above

join fee: 69800 yuan

annual management fee: 5000 yuan per year

note: join the first year is not an annual management fee

After joining the

franchisee, the headquarters will assist the franchisee to develop relevant business plans and opening operations arrangements. After the opening, the headquarters will also through the franchise timely inspection and tracking, make plans to improve the restaurant operating performance, not regularly organize seminars and continue to provide services and guidance to help franchisees, franchisees to achieve business goals. The brand is popular among merchants, welcome the franchisees to join the Arirang Korean barbecue


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