See how foreigners sell domain names

my website domain name is, the latest month to receive a foreigner to sell it com mail several. List two to show you how they sell domain names.

the first one:

In a days plan to the domain name YES-PPG.COM for few offer we sale.

Because you the domain name, we thought my interested in acquiring preferred DotCom version the of this domain.

you be similar own

We plan to offer this domain for sale in three days and believe there is likely to be strong interest in this domain name by multiple parties, but since you own a similar version of the domain we wanted to give you the first right of refusal.

If interested in this You`re domain:

Go to the domain reservation page, here and, indicate your interest in this domain by completing the contact form. When the domain is available for sale, you`ll be the first to hear about it.

‘s latest letter:

Over the week last, I’ve contacted a times YES-PPG.COM. Based the fact you’ve at the order page, it seems you like are int> you upon few about

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