Baidu search failure has now resumed response code to the space shuttle nap

read: Baidu search the PC abnormal results of suspected mobile search Baidu search engine adjustment caused by unstable exhaust behind or is a new adjustment algorithm


Baidu search results screenshot, page repeat shows the file format -HTML version


technology news June 3rd afternoon news, Baidu (167.25, 1.44,0.87%) search search sudden failure today, most of the country have a problem, Baidu search results page displays a duplicate file format -HTML version. It is reported that the failure lasted about 15 minutes or so, has now returned to normal.

at noon today, the majority of users can not be normally found Baidu search, enter any keyword will appear -HTML file format version of the error, and the search results are invisible. In addition to Baidu’s own news product, the other third were blank, "due to failure and the emergence of a large area space.

analysis of the industry, may be a serious error advertising system, resulting in Baidu search results page blank. This is probably the most serious failure since Baidu was black.


page is restored, the official Baidu micro-blog (18.35, -0.17, -0.92%) said, "just a few lines of code to the space capsule lounge nap, is now back to normal!". (Ruo Han)

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