115 new SkyDrive accessories through webmaster can save cost and improve the competitiveness

news July 24th, 115 director Lai Linfeng disclosed the 115 version of SkyDrive will add accessories through the application, the forum webmaster can use this app to file more bandwidth consumption documents for 115 SkyDrive, save bandwidth costs for the owners to improve the transmission efficiency. In this application, 115 of SkyDrive’s cloud computing platform, effectively enhance the upload and download rate.

industry analysts believe that the achievement of stationmaster is not difficult, let the webmaster forum or website to realize cloud computing, mirroring node does not have the major regions of the country will be an empty talk, easy to implement and technology hard bandwidth of the node, to upload and download through the nearest node, so the speed will be greatly improved, safety and stability it will improve a lot. Lai Linfeng responded that as early as a month ago has been distributed deployment. According to the Nandu reporter Yang Yang reported in June 24th Chinese Unicom Dongguan branch and Guangdong for Computer Technology Co. Ltd IDC business cooperation signing ceremony held. According to the two sides to negotiate, will carry out a comprehensive in-depth cooperation in IDC hosting and cloud computing.

is a part of the webmaster think there is such a function, 115 SkyDrive should cooperate with PHPWind, Discuz, BBSmax and other manufacturers to provide a convenient interface forum for webmasters and Internet users together to experience the upload and download of cloud computing. The well-known master Guo Jijun released 115 micro-blog said SkyDrive will be as follows in the source service and original grassroots webmaster Lai Linfeng led next time better this morning: my old club Lai Linfeng (Lai Linfeng) told me that the 115 version of the new revision, improve the experience, while the new one is called "annex" application. Let the webmaster can put all the accessories cost transferred to the 115 forum, webmaster soon can save a lot of space and bandwidth cost! Look forward to 115 under the leadership of Lai Linfeng to create a new network from the grassroots legend! He will certainly be able to better service the

good webmaster!

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