Vertical electricity supplier beachhead stocks start listing dream pet O2O

has listed the way cattle online travel service providers and cosmetics mall, once troubled vertical electricity providers have revealed a new vitality. People’s vision and therefore return again to the vertical field, vertical industry have a brilliant future guess which would be a.

we found that pet electricity in the entire vertical industry in the context of recovery began to emerge, and recently a porch network companies, seems to start listing dream".

porky claim to be a microcosm of the pet industry at the same time, in the new context of the Internet era, also will position itself as a service company.

including the pet industry is a dog, cat, aquarium and pet, birds, reptiles, rich industry, everyone have different hobbies, different pets will love to accompany her, but it is certain that there are companionship, our life will be more interesting. After all, we are the world". Porky network founder Tang Yingzhi introduction to billion state power network.

is reported that the company in the past few years by way of the Internet has been rapid development. We are Internet Co, the integration of the industry’s resources to return to the user is exactly the best internet." Tang Yingzhi explained.

it is understood that the porch mall officially launched on October 2008, after nearly 6 years of development, the year 2013 orders porky mall has more than 2 million orders, 2014 is expected to reach 6 million, consolidated turnover is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan.

analysis of the industry, the current pet industry under the general requirements of the format of the industry and the problem of asymmetric service. Fewer and fewer people choose to take a bath at home, and once sick only through pet hospital." A veteran of the pet industry this introduction, the traditional pet industry, fashion chain management chain, high cost, slow expansion; joining while easing cash flow, but has been unable to solve the slow rate of expansion and subsequent management. O2O provides a new solution for this asymmetric situation. A veteran of the industry said that the electronic commerce make online purchases the pet users generally accepted the purchase, O2O will let users accustomed to buy online pet services. Information transparency will produce a fair survival of the fittest, and ultimately the entire service market will be greatly pulled.

wavelet network said, compared to the general pet porch mall in the retail electricity supplier, has more advantages: the first is the platform of diversification. Porch mall’s scale is in a leading position in the pet business, while Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, shop No. 1 integrated platform of pet category, porch network forefront. Secondly, the commodity category rich porch network. In addition to dogs and cats, porky network also provides aquarium and pet birds, reptiles, and other pet products, and with the online buying habits are more and more people accept and spread, small pet, aquarium and other areas of growth than expected, only to aquarium >

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