2015 key industries looking for enterprise class BAT emerging areas of the three leading new growth

industry is a major direction of the future development of the Internet, but also an important engine of economic growth, while China is the only way to achieve beyond development. At the same time, along with the popularization of mobile intelligent terminal and 3G/4G, mobile Internet development enters the stage depth, with the Internet giant to accelerate the layout and industry policy catalysis, the new business model in 2015, enterprise Internet mobile payments, car networking extends to the Internet will accelerate the penetration of the explosive brewing industry opportunities.


enterprise Internet

mobile Internet outbreak will soon look for multi enterprise class BAT

in the rapid development of the Internet, the consumer side has been born BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) three giants. With the continued penetration of the Internet to traditional industries, BAT and other Internet giants began layout enterprise application market.

at the same time, in the domestic network construction for many years, the mobile Internet is becoming more and more in-depth people’s lives and work. Enterprise mobile Internet industry seems to be near the explosive inflection point in the industry billions of space background, there is reason to believe that the A stock market also will be born enterprise BAT.

mobile application development focus to enterprise

with the construction of the domestic network, the popularity of smart mobile terminals, making the mobile Internet more and more in-depth into people’s lives and work. 2014 Ali double eleven promotion, mobile terminal payment accounted for 50%, in 2013 the proportion was $15%; Jingdong double the proportion of mobile terminal sales reached 40%. Data show that the mobile Internet has been very popular in the consumer end.

at the same time, according to market research firm Appcelerator and IDC jointly launched, from the fourth quarter of 2010 to the second quarter of 2013, developers focus on business from 29.3% to 42.7%; to consumers as the key developers proportion from 70.7% to 57.2%. The survey data show that mobile application development focus will gradually from the "consumer" to "enterprise", and from the development of enterprises end PC is not difficult to see that the business end of the mobile Internet market has reached a inflection point. In the course of PC development, the current enterprise class PC shipments accounted for 73% of total shipments of PC.

enterprise Internet is the enterprise organizations engaged in the production, circulation, services and other economic activities for the user, to the enterprise procurement, production, development, sales, warehousing, logistics, marketing, marketing, finance, personnel and finance operation and management activities for the Internet application and service scene.

on the Internet to penetrate traditional industries, enterprise Internet market may be the outbreak of catalyst. With the BAT Internet giant to accelerate the layout of enterprise class applications, this catalyst has quietly come. For example, Ali acquisition of the layout of the financial information of the Hang Seng, the acquisition of stone based information layout Hotel, catering information; Baidu

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