Blog micro blog Wikipedia class Storify products to kill the media editor’s four nternet product


if the blog, micro-blog (the "micro-blog" refers to micro-blog products such as Sina, micro-blog, Twitter) to reporters the status of Wikipedia, Storify in jeopardy, so the product is to scare media editors. Once again, the Internet has destroyed the editorial department of the media industry, from production to personnel, and rebuilt the new media in the ruins.

remember that everyone write time? Released soon on 2007 in Twiter, then the Chinese still immersed in the blog "golden age" — the year according to the CNNiC report, China blogger has about 47 million people, while the number of Internet users was only 200 million, in other words, each of the four Chinese Internet users a personal blog.

but another figure shows that only 36% of the 47 million bloggers regularly update content. It is not difficult to throw the 28 law of the curse, the blogging threshold is still relatively high, we must first have a computer and Internet access, followed by the content is not attractive, and if there is no good promotion channels, most bloggers have become ziyuzile diary.

micro-blog appears, it is a good solution to these problems blog. Micro-blog micro not only reduces the threshold of writing, such as using a mobile phone, for example, as long as 140 words or send a picture, so that ordinary people have more opportunities for sound. What’s more, micro-blog has a powerful forwarding mechanism that allows publishers and content to have an incredible amount of space. It is precisely these features of micro-blog, the media is almost a fatal blow.

first, micro-blog’s sense of place stronger. Thanks to the development of mobile Internet, users can use the phone anytime, anywhere to update micro-blog. Milepost event in Twitter history of the United States Air Force aircraft crashed in the Hudson River in New York City, at the scene of a Twitter user Twitter in time report on this event, a few simple words and allotted a picture of her. And when the TV station, newspaper rushed to the scene, this news timeliness has ceased to exist. In China, Sina micro-blog development process in a number of high tide, is not relying on the user in the event of public concern in the live broadcast".

secondly, micro-blog’s new chain communication mechanism. Wei Wuhui once talked about the difference between a blog and micro-blog in an article:

in the blogosphere, the chain is actually very weak. In addition to a difficult to explain in plain language trackback, in fact, very few people use. Blog in the world of mutual access, probably in addition to its own line is a friend, very rare. RSS browser can partially solve the problem of continuous access, but can not form each other, it can not talk about social non social.

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