The way and method of promoting the popularization of network

August 20th, senior promotion Mou Changqing guest network editor’s first community Share with us his promotion experience, about his promotion and promotion methods.

        mouchangqing introduction: in Beijing, Chongqing (pseudonym: mcq0544) from access to the Internet has been doing is network promotion work, had a personal website, have more than three years of experience in network promotion, personal good at data analysis and site traffic promotion. DONEWS columnist, iResearch expert column. Now a well-known vertical search site.

06 -07 years in the Qihoo to do network promotion

08 years in March, joined kuxun

is good at the Forum promotion, alliance promotion, flow exchange promotion, functional cooperation, SEO optimization and soft Wen promotion

to do to achieve the ultimate, do not always think about what the new means of promotion, the most common and most popular means to do the best." This is Mou Changqing’s promotion of the road, Mou Changqing had done for the company’s 100wip traffic. In the promotion of data analysis is particularly important, Mou Changqing stressed that he believes that the only way to do less work, the power to make the blade. In his promotion process, there is no final failure of the promotion. Are forced out, want to get more traffic, you need to do more preparation, Mou Changqing said. He used to do traffic is often nine in the morning to get up at three in the evening to sleep, always adhere to the post, once with more than and 200 ID turns on posting, posting more than 1 thousand. "I have done every promotion work, will save resources," Mou Changqing told us to promote, the network is very important. He knew a lot of friends because of the promotion, but also thanks to his friends for help. Asked about future plans, he told me not to do is wrap, and promotion of related work. Let us go to learn the promotion of evergreen road.

breeze: do you think the network promotion which common promotion way?

Mou Changqing: 1: promotion of forum 2: search engine optimization (SEO) 3: 4:IM to promote exchange of resources (such as QQ group) 5: 6: bulk mail advertising alliance 7: the media hype (also can be said to be the promotion of soft paper 8: buy monthly advertising popups) 9: web site promotion website promotion 10:SNS (new promotion point


promotion of the concept of the product is not good or bad, only the hard points

breeze: how do you understand the network promotion? How do you see the role of traffic on a site (because I found a lot of garbage station traffic is high)

Mou Changqing: network promotion, is to push the site, or a product, or even a person. By means of the Internet, let more people know. Traffic is very useful for a web site

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