Keyword optimization ten technical tricks


keyword optimization technology

ten coup

1, select the key word:

keyword is to describe your product and service words, choose the appropriate keywords is the first step to build a high ranking site. One of the most important techniques for selecting keywords is to select key words that are often used in search.

2, understanding Keywords:

before you collect the key words, it is very important to understand how people use keywords. People usually don’t use single words when they search, but they use phrases or phrases. This website optimization plays a more important role.

3, find out the key words:

below a web site includes the use of the test keyword frequency tools: Keyword Generator

4, select key skills:

A: think about

write all the keywords related to your website or product, the first not to evaluate these keywords. Don’t limit yourself to what you’re selling, try to be on your side. Those people will bring benefits to your website, try to stand in the perspective of these people.

B: ask more about people around

tell your family, friends, classmates how to describe your product or web site. They are likely to find some words you never thought of

C: analysis log file:


log file will tell you what key words people use to access your site. Some sites in the site will be installed when the appropriate tools to generate log files for network management reference)

D: refer to other sites:

refer to those sites that are similar or similar to you, and look at how their meta keyword is written. In this way you may get unexpected keywords, but do not directly paste the template of others, because you do not know the network management in the design of the site before the key words of those possibilities. This is mainly used for keyword research.

E: find the wrong spelling (mostly in English)

there are a lot of key words people will often spell wrong, find out these often misspelled words or phrases can bring you extra traffic. As far as GOOLE is concerned, it has the ability to check spelling errors. It is recommended not to use misspelled words and phrases as keywords (


1, deal with key words:

to this step, you have collected a lot of keywords related to your site or product. The next work is to collect the keywords into

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