Baby boom brings personal website investment opportunities

personal webmaster to join children center

experts predict that this year, only the birth of the permanent population of Shanghai will reach 137 thousand people, an increase of more than 6 thousand people in 2006. Behind them, is a pair of busy work, family income of more than 3000 yuan on average parents, the parents of all the four devoted to the elderly. According to a survey of urban children’s consumption in 2004 showed that each child’s family on average annual investment of more than 3000 yuan for children’s education. That is to say, in the hands of those who were crying baby, for holding hundreds of billions of money.

therefore, choose to join a development center, making the local small site, without much traffic, only to occupy the local market, it is a good way to invest. It is understood that the current Hushang some well-known development center of the join cost is in 20 – 800 thousand between the area ranging from 100 – 300 square meters, the highest capacity of students in more than 300 people, ordinary fees are 1500 yuan / – 2500. In good operating conditions, is expected to recover the initial investment within two years.

personal webmaster to join baby supplies franchise shop

data show that the average annual consumption of newborns in 2000 to $5000, fully demonstrated that this is a huge consumer market. As individual owners, investment to open a baby franchise shop, as long as attention to timeliness, humanity, and work on infant care knowledge, find the breakthrough products and selling points, you can find a foothold in the market. If you consider joining, it should be changed to choose a good brand, although the first class brand will be higher fees, but it will help stimulate sales, accelerate profitability.

personal focus on infants and young children, maternity clothing industry

according to statistics, at present, China’s 0 to 16 year old children have a year of about 380 million, children’s consumption demand in about 800 million. This year, the market will grow at a rate of about 10%.

personal investment from the perspective of entrepreneurship, in the apparel industry entrepreneurship, first, you can do a clothing factory or studio, clothing processing. The most important point is that the design must be able to keep up with the trend, otherwise there will be no strong competitiveness. Two is to do the clothing market sales, wholesale or retail can be.

for the fund less personal webmaster entrepreneurs, open a clothing retail shop to complete the accumulation of the original funds, is the first step towards success. And there is a certain amount of capital entrepreneurs, you can open and sell small companies do clothing manufacturers sales agents, or enter the clothing wholesale market.

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