Guangdong strict control online pharmacies found more than 300 sites suspected of illegal

in July last year to June this year, the Guangdong food and drug regulatory authorities found 311 sites suspected of illegal, has been to the State Food and Drug Supervision Bureau, Guangdong Provincial Communications Administration and other provincial and municipal food and drug administration departments to submit the relevant website list.

national food and Drug Administration launched the National Drug Safety Month activities 1 to start in the country, the province held the same day the activities of the launching ceremony in Guangdong, which is the first time the event was held in Guangdong.

, deputy secretary of the Guangdong food and Drug Supervision Bureau Zhang Liefu said, Guangdong strict control, strict examination online drug application, online drug applicants must have "drug license" entity chain pharmacies, general e-commerce enterprises do not have the qualifications.

Zhang Liefu said, Guangdong through the traditional way of chain pharmacies entity regulation, in order to achieve online drug regulation; in addition, the landing "background of online pharmacies" website through the special account of its sales records to ensure the monitoring, in accordance with the "drug operation quality management standards" management.

Zhang Liefu said that the second half of Guangdong will continue to strengthen the monitoring of the Internet, the discovery of illegal sites are reported to the country, the relevant departments to investigate, or transferred to the communications authorities closed.

Guangdong food and drug administration to remind people through this activity, the "online pharmacies" only sell non prescription drugs, prescription drug sales illegal, approved online drug information can be found in the State Food and Drug Administration website.

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