Free short URL service provider Bitly financing 15 million


URL shortening service Bitly plan in May this year, raising $20 million, but has not been available, but today confirmed that received a $15 million financing. We began to wonder, URL shortening service how so hot. On the one hand, it may be because the URL to shorten the precise user access to data services, on the other hand, it may be its service is free. This financing will enable us to improve the overall level of the team, while expanding our social platform products.

Bitly is a company that provides Web site and link shortening, sharing and tracking services. In the Bitly platform, the user registration, you can quickly build their favorite web site link set, and can be synchronized in the Twitter and Facebook platform release, so that your friends can browse and share. Its biggest feature is that you can view the friends to share links and their links, to understand the latest situation of friends!

just a few weeks ago, Bitly released a number of new features change, but was opposed by some of the old users, the main reason is to change the habits of those old users. However, the amount of users has not been affected, but also increased by 200 thousand. Bitly update seems to have received a good effect, perhaps the new feature is more suitable for the use of more users. According to the company CEOPeterStern said that after product updates, Bitly activity increased by 300%.

real-time link tracking can quickly understand the source of each link and the number of times, especially for the trend of social platform sharing and social marketing, it is a tiger with wings added. However, the country’s short URL links are very immature, although the major portals in the site to do more to reduce the problem of restricting the 140 words, but not much to open up. The domestic short URL link services are charged, a serious slowdown in the development of the industry.

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