State regulation of the nternet will be incorporated into a more stringent process

let’s take a look at two seemingly unrelated events:

SNS to do video sharing is very likely to be careful to stop

most of the post is a major feature of the SNS website. Each time the happy net,, QQ space, the user first thing to do is to see friends reprint, and participate in the post. More interactive, the diffusion effect spread significantly. In the past, many text reprint, now the video sharing mode of post began to pop up. Sharing videos on the SNS website, mainly from potatoes, Youku and other large video sites, do not take up the SNS website broadband and server resources, effectively increase the user browsing events and viscosity. Has been highly respected SNS site. The SNS website also become video website especially small video sites such as two or three cool 6 line extension, at the SNS site, you can often see the video website promotion staff some interesting post to play the role of advertising and promotion.

I would like

but perhaps the both of you, Why not?’s good will is, countries have already started the good times don’t last long, pay attention to SNS video sharing copyright issues this. In the absence of the premise of video license plate, the SNS community allows users to share video and SARFT the current rules of the game have great conflict, is likely to be stopped, or even punished. SNS site has the right to share the video, in fact, whether the user has the right to share the video to a friend. Pornographic video sharing may be adverse events from the past, can not help but make SNS more careful. According to the "Supreme People’s Court on dissemination of obscene electronic information in criminal cases the specific application of the law interpretation of several issues", the use of chat rooms, forums, QQ and email, which belongs to the dissemination of pornographic images of "pornographic" more than 200 photos, or spread to the Internet after the number of hits reached more than 10 thousand times, communication will be held the criminal responsibility of the crime of spreading obscene articles. As can be seen, the reason why the spread of SNS video by the national attention, mainly because of the wide spread of SNS video, the number of spread. Once the introduction of appropriate SNS video sharing regulations combined with the regulations combined with the previous regulations, even if only a user can upload a video involving illegal content, will also hurt the whole website to shut down.

BBS special record owners after all around, but the threshold striking one snag after another

in July 9th, the State Council promulgated the "State Council on the fifth installment of cancellation and decentralized management level of administrative examination and approval decision" by the central government in the Internet, 113 items of administrative examination and approval by the State Council to cancel the seventh, which is the "Internet electronic bulletin service special project approval (for the record)". A webmaster in the implementation of 9 years and 11 months for this, many webmaster is regarded as "inhibition" of the administrative special approval and applauded the end. But there are many webmaster worry, will introduce new regulations to strengthen the supervision of bbs. There are speculation that the relevant departments may integrate SN S, micro-blog and other new interactive columns >

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