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in the first half of 2015, the domestic smart phone market is unusually fierce heat. Recently, HUAWEI released the results of the first half of this year report. Data show that in the first 6 months of this year, HUAWEI’s sales revenue exceeded $170 billion, an increase of 30%, which, HUAWEI’s fastest growing consumer business. According to HUAWEI consumers BG President Yu Chengdong introduced in May this year, the consumer business department in advance of the completion of the company’s annual business objectives, the intelligent mobile phone business in May is more shipments exceeded 10 million units, the estimated annual 100 million units of the target will also be completed ahead of time.

in the excellent results of the stimulus, Yu Chengdong said that this year the consumer BG will start in the three quarter of the year ahead of the annual bonus evaluation and distribution. A message, immediately attracted the envy of many, but this "willful bonus" thing and not everyone can have, because for other domestic mobile phone manufacturers, in the current smart mobile phone market competition has entered the "Red Sea", are increasing the risk of reshuffle.

no reserve price prospects look bad

in HUAWEI announced the first half of success at the same time, this Monday, 360 hailun God mobile phone also launched the action to start again, billed as the world’s first thousand dollars below the fingerprint intelligent mobile phone. This is the third time in recent months God launched "bargain" action, our joint venture in Zhou Hongyi and cool, and wholly acquired God brand after the radical expression of individual style constantly in God brand operation, 399 yuan from the beginning of the great God F1 Plus, Zhou Hongyi has been exploring the intelligent mobile phone market segments price limit, especially in thousands of markets, on Millet’s red rice brand price to play God seems to have no bottom line. While in the high-end market segments, announced it reached the mobile phone industry LETV and the great God has an amazing understanding this year, not only the same with millet as the biggest competitors, but also in music as a super mobile phone released on playing the self BOM (production cost), the congregation raised a new pattern of pricing, caused no small market concern.

however this approach does not seem to be the right path, and the God of music as the courage to bargain, theoretically because the main online channels, cut unnecessary costs and maximize the benefit to consumers, but in fact, due to the use of the purchase of panic buying mode, there is no comprehensive support for its supply chain capabilities. "The price is absolutely attractive, but the supply is not said or didn’t want to inclusive consumers, consumers are difficult to grab, finally can only increase the purchase of cattle in there, and when the millet has just started doing basically is playing more as like as two peas, or marketing." Izumo consulting analyst Liu Zhenghao said that the limit of the "super low price" selling method may get high degree of market attention in a short time, but the overall trend, the attraction is decreasing.

according to GFK monitoring data, the fourth quarter of 2014, the domestic mobile phone online channel sales was 25 million in the first quarter of 2015 was 190>

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