How to build brand marketing Look here


of different industries in the market have been successful brand stage, will have a lot of insight into the business areas, such as how to sell apple Starbucks mobile phone? How to sell Nike coffee? How to sell shoes? Do not even look at the data they are also very clear, is the core value of the brand is committed to a straight to the user create; and based on this value, the brand on the market, the industry’s unique perspective.

present a chaotic media era, in the face of digital media increasingly decentralized, fragmented mobile social media, and creative young netizens strong brand communication, often encounter some unexpected problems. So the brand marketing, how to make your brand All the world knows. influential is the key to enterprise development lies. So how to build brand marketing?

follow the trend, with interactive tipping point


there is no dispute, brand marketing needs a tipping point. The speculation by surprise. For example, GREE mobile phone industry before the traditional thing, tipping is high value. The tipping point is gehangrugeshan, air conditioning do mobile phone what will happen? Which has caused the attention of Internet users. Now, all brands are closely related to the current hot spots, I hope that whenever and wherever they can interact with the audience. The tipping point of the GREE brand in the mobile phone industry in the Internet community started. Of course, this is not to say, to incite people like GREE cross line switch. Want to say that the brand is perfect to follow the trend of the need to grasp the current hot spots, with interactive tipping point, so that the masses are automatically spread.

based on user participation, good after-sales service to follow up


from a certain point of view, how to do a good job of brand marketing is not only related to the life and death of enterprises, but also to grasp the market opportunities, market and user groups to win the key move. In the future more and more users will be involved in the process of content creation, users will get more fun in the process. So, the user experience is the key, a good brand can not play out to really let the user outwardly strong but inwardly weak, feel reliable, trustworthy, valuable experience. For example: the search for the network is to provide the latest supply and demand opportunities for SMEs B2B website, business opportunities are the latest content and true and reliable, the real experience to the user to help. Of course, in addition to surface beauty is not enough, but also related to an important customer service service, from the user’s point of view for the user account.

brand creative focus on user conversion rate


creative team cudgel thinking in the black room, often can get some unexpected inspiration, to create wealth for the enterprise. But this day will be gone forever. Today’s brand creative team needs to go deep into all aspects of the product, in order to have a different creative assets to achieve the target rate of return on investment. Now >

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