Know this copy of minutes for party a worship service

good copy, the key in the leadership."

I believe this sentence has become a lot of people’s inner monologue.

because of this, many people have already exhausted the only copy in countless times in revising, have prepared qiantouming, although I do not know where the Ming, do not copy it anyway.

the rest of the people on the


‘s beliefs and words of obsession, and Party A to deal with, and the design of tear force. After all, the way you choose, if not quickly forward, somehow too small step walking.

so how to make a person in the confrontation with the party in the process of becoming a leader, perhaps we would like to achieve the state.

as the saying goes, the best way to defeat the enemy is to make yourself stronger. If you want to make your copy win Party A agree, apart from the objective factors, I think the important point is to copy the market you must have thought.

so what exactly is my understanding of the market thinking


market thinking there are 3 main points:

1 copy, can not make marketing myopia

2, thinking cross, with the KOL attribute

3, do not do for the public’s copy of the document, seize the seeds of customers.


copy can not make marketing myopia

There are three key points in the

copy strategy:

1, segment competitors, search

2, spread their own advantages,


3, contributing to customer purchase, occupation

segment competitors, we must first identify competitors. If I ask you who’s the biggest competitor, I believe many people will think it’s Coca-Cola. If this time your copy is for Coca-Cola to write, I believe that you may not copy.

why? Because people may choose Ji and jiaduobao. So, of course, sales can not improve.

this is actually a mistake made marketing myopia. So what exactly is marketing myopia?

marketing myopia, referring to ignore customer needs.

before I explain this question, I will share with you what we often call needs, needs and desires.

needs: an abstract subjective awareness of the lack of something

desire: a specific form of meeting needs

demand: the amount of goods that consumers are willing to buy at a certain price level.

for example:


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