Analysis on the travel behavior of tourism website Association

analysis of tourism website Association report
    resort;; early this month, the domestic online travel leader elong announced the suspension of the holiday business, focusing on its main line of business. Small and medium online travel companies want to take the baton from their hands, we must understand the needs of users of online holiday booking. In this regard, the tourism website Association conducted a questionnaire survey:


user two: female, age of 29, finance and Accounting Director, very fond of vacation, every year will use holiday vacation, where to go is not the purpose, as long as you can relax, rest is good, not much attention to the attractions. Like the freedom of the way, often scheduled for online holiday products, the recent selection is also love travel travel network, Golden Century Travel Network, like to try new things. Usually use the network, the use of MSN and friends to negotiate holiday plans.

three users: male, 32 years old, love holidays, often use the holiday vacation, usually with my colleagues to discuss holiday destination, the destination attractions are not very concerned, usually a holiday to rest, the process is random and not pay special attention to a resort, varies with the mood. Proficiency in the use of the network, often search the relevant information on the Internet, that online payment is very good, very convenient.

four users: female, 39 years old, vocation in life is not very necessary, travel is mainly to let the children receive education, to cultivate children, travel time is in accordance with the child’s time, the general choice for winter and summer travel, holiday products concern is not very much, but it is scheduled once. Free reservation, not too much attention to details.

user five: male, aged 33, often on vacation, usually with his wife to go out for a holiday, usually choose to travel. For the scheduled holiday products are very detailed, usually believe that some destinations targeted sites, such as Zhangjiajie travel bar, style holiday travel network

six users: male, 41 years old, often go on holiday, at least two or three times a year, time is independent, usually domestic tour will travel the way by driving car, driving a car that travel is a good way to travel, convenient, with.

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