Friends of marketing and marketing to complement each other too much to share


circle of friends can be said to be an important function to enhance the WeChat in the mobile Internet, the circle of friends also is therefore the depth of excavation, the marketing circle of friends, to sell things has become a very popular thing, even once there are some businesses also because of this in the circle of friends made a lot of money because they can, in my circle of friends has achieved monthly sales of millions of miracle, but with the collapse of the payment system and Taobao to WeChat said after using the circle of friends running Taobao has been eliminated, and the use of WeChat marketing is a very frequent thing, but these marketing has gradually to the extreme while being disgusted.

Obviously WeChat

circle of friends was originally intended to make many friends to share their lives, if occasionally some inspirational articles and novels, but also can play the role of extremely excited, but now the circle of friends has become many friends gathered in philosophical articles, Li Zhigu’s friends do not seem to share these positive content does not show up on the level of high-end atmosphere, low-key luxury connotation. But if we open these shared links, will find a common phenomenon, it is a short inspirational story with a full variety of marketing advertising words, people can not help but this is to share stories or in marketing illusion.

especially when the chicken played very frequently, obviously will have serious side effects, in addition to various brainwashed marketing methods emerge in an endless stream in the circle of friends, these friends may be the marketing function itself is not aware of these contents, but as these initial marketing accomplices, because they all love, even the circle of friends to share links to several as like as two peas share content and people can be pestered beyond endurance. So when playing chicken after many, left is decadent and resentment.

Another is the opposite to

in WeChat to sell something to do business, no ground for blame in the circle of friends, and this is the Ma once said the rabbit to eat the grass edge of real experience, but this kind of doing business acquaintances really not very good, because nobody will not sell you together the product quality is good, can let your friends love friends, of course is not satisfactory in buy goods, not in the circle of friends on emotion, said this product is not good at all, or will leave you with a face, but the connective heart is therefore born, so sell goods lost friendship who is more important people at a glance.

then circle of friends how to do a good job of marketing work? I think at least to do deep mining share content to share content to reflect their own unique marketing, but these share content help, to do a willow shade realm. This is like an American independent blog within half a year because of shared through Facebook quality content on your site well digging and the monthly income of tens of thousands of knife. That is, to share the content in addition to reflect a spirit, but also a lot of real content.

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