Alipay friends Ma build a super APP or overtly derivative new bonus

Cai Wen: vibration (omega CEO)

these days, Alipay 9 heavy line, indeed to the current weak social circle brings a lot of new weather. "Alipay friends" as a popular new eye-catching, immediately attracted a large number of coffee coffee are small open group Party, as a severe social mobile phone users, I have a handful of early adopters, joined a number of friends. So the effect in the end how? The result is beyond my expectations, it is quite hot, a lot of friends on WeChat have come, and the original WeChat group started as hot. Just because of the foundation and the practice of WeChat group, so many operators have experience, began to set the threshold, a fee to enter, there are special red envelopes, advertising group, and mutual powder and so on, and even appeared in the "yellow" group (as the enclosure too without integrity). But the vast majority have set the threshold of fees ranging from 0.01 yuan to several million. Of course, tens of thousands of dollars are also more practical than the actual meaning of the joke, more than a few dozen of this exchange group or learning group. The group of friends are "city will play" on the light driving cooked handy, grab red awfully.

I first join is my good friend "almighty bear Zong Ning, he is well-known from the media, the first derivative. In fact, do derivative of this gang is the most active, but also had to get in by every opening, WeChat micro-blog, micro-blog and QQ to finish, QQ got to unfamiliar street, he sent a Uber oh?. I have tasted fresh, joined a number of red envelopes sent to the group (note the soft red envelopes, ha ha) also added a lot of people understand some of the actual situation, so we can talk about feelings.

Alipay 9.0

first I estimate Alibaba also did not think just how didn’t open will preheat so hot, I think that due to the current spread of various groups, and the rise of red common action derivative, and people love fresh, those who are willing to try new things, of course, there are many flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. But I think Alipay will not be the same, because it is better than other APP viscosity and much greater importance. User base, real name authentication Alipay huge trust, WeChat is more down to earth than the application scene, these points will bring more advantages to it. I have always believed that "grass root who in the world, Alipay because of the rise of Taobao made the best grass root mass, grass root economy and grass root counter attack is also from Taobao, I believe that everyone can not be denied. "The Almighty bear" joke in my opinion Tucao said: "it is to get the world’s nouveau riche". But now look at the vast majority of young are grass root of the nouveau riche turned ah, not the rise of grass root economy, where so many nouveau riche, including Lei, Liu Qiangdong is often in grass root at. Don’t doubt grass root purchasing power and cohesion of. But the extensive application is the WeChat Alipay scene is still not up to the balance of treasure, for example, there are shopping scan code to pay full collection of hundreds of millions of users, this in itself is a great resource.


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