Entrepreneurial dark horse to the gem three years to get government subsidies 6 million

recently, Niu Wenwen entrepreneurial dark horse submitted a prospectus to be landing gem. Prospectus shows that entrepreneurial horse proposed public offering of not more than 17 million shares, raising 221 million 700 thousand yuan, will raise the public record space and online business.

according to data disclosed in the prospectus, entrepreneurs horse nearly three years of revenue growth, business counseling training has been replaced by the public service become the largest source of revenue. In the business of horse in the process of development, Niu Wenwen has been in the position of controlling shareholders, while the initial shareholders of Shanghai Shanda, has netted billions of cash out.

as a business oriented business services company, the prospectus shows that entrepreneurial dark horse in the past 3 years has been enjoying government subsidies, access to grant funds have accumulated more than 6 million.

entrepreneurial counseling most money

according to the information disclosed in the prospectus, entrepreneurial dark horse in the last 3 years, the rapid development of business, revenue growth significantly, profits will also increase. Prospectus data show that entrepreneurs horse 2015 revenue of 167 million yuan, 2014 revenue of 100 million yuan, 2013 revenue of 48 million 450 thousand yuan, compound growth rate of 85.52%, corresponding to a net profit of 22 million 770 thousand yuan respectively, 10 million 370 thousand yuan and -130 million yuan, realized losses.


entrepreneurial dark horse nearly 3 years of revenue data

data show that the main business of the dark horse business training services and counseling services, public service, membership services. In revenue growth, business counseling training is gradually more than PR service has become the largest source of revenue.


entrepreneurial dark revenue constitutes

2015, entrepreneurial counseling training services revenue of 84 million 820 thousand yuan, accounting for up to $51.86%, while in 2013, entrepreneurial counseling accounted for only about 1/3 of revenue, public relations services accounted for more than 60%. Prospectus said that this change, mainly due to the domestic entrepreneurial boom".

three years by the government subsidies 6 million

according to the prospectus, the main business income from the entrepreneurial dark horse government subsidies.


prospectus disclosure of government subsidy income

from 2013 to 2015, venture dark horse were awarded $1 million 300 thousand, $3 million 18 thousand and government subsidies. In 2014, government subsidies accounted for 21.52% of total profits.

prospectus also disclosed that subsidies mainly from the Beijing science and Technology Commission and the Zhongguancun science and Technology Park, mostly to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship of special funds.

Shanda net billion

in the dark horse ownership structure, Niu Wenwen before and after the listing, are in a holding position. Prior to the release, Niu Wenwen directly holds 41.87% stake in the venture, and

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