Excellent shopping network trading information disclosure of consumers suspected of being deceived

Shenzhen news network May 14th news (reporter Zhang Zhao) 14 reporter learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Council, April 30th to May 12th this year, Shenzhen City Council and Shenzhen Zhongxin Electronic Commerce Trade Promotion Center (hereinafter referred to as the UTS Security Center) received a total of 23 cases of excellent fashion shopping mall (hereinafter referred to as the excellent shopping network) trading information of suspected leak caused consumer complaints cheated money transfer. Deceived consumers from all over the country, including Guangdong, Beijing, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Shandong and other provinces and cities, the cumulative amount of 120 thousand yuan cheated.

consumers after the purchase of an excellent network cheated

According to the analysis of

City Council, the process is basically similar to the consumers being cheated. Consumers are reflected in the excellent shopping network orders and pay a single payment soon after the success will be claimed to be excellent shopping network customer service phone. The "customer service" to tell consumers under a single time, personal information, purchase items and price information content, obtain the trust of consumers, with excellent shopping network system upgrade, technical failure, system failure, customer service, warehouse stock consumers for the purchase of more similar goods are defined as wholesalers and other reasons, require consumers to refund, re orders or pay an extra fee.

then the "customer service" by sending phishing sites and other means taking consumers’ bank accounts, payment password and other information, the consumer bank card or credit card amount in various forms to go. Which was transferred up to 18373 yuan. The current consumer demand is to optimize the purchase of the network to make a reasonable explanation of the transaction information leakage, and compensation for the amount of compensation. According to the relevant media reports, deceived consumers to discuss claims for collective rights, has set up an excellent network rights activist QQ group, up to 140 members of the group, the group claimed to have cheated the total amount of more than one million.

May 8th, the city council interviewed the excellent shopping network. The City Council pointed out that the 2014 amendments to the "consumer law" increased consumers’ personal information protection regulations, the operator has a clear responsibility to ensure the safety of consumers’ personal information obligations, and the provisions of its staff shall be kept strictly confidential to consumers’ personal information. In this case, the disclosure of personal information of consumers and their property rights and interests are violated, the consumer confidence and property safety seriously affected. Excellent purchase network should be as soon as possible to find out the truth of the cause of the information leakage, giving consumers a reasonable and credible explanation.

excellent purchase network said hackers steal information

interviews in the City Council in the process, excellent shopping network to reflect the site in the early April 27th and received calls to reflect the consumer complaints cheated, as interviews in May 8th, received a total of more than and 700 cases of complaints and advice. Excellent purchase network organization investigation of the system vulnerabilities and internal risks, did not find anomalies, initially ruled out the possibility of internal staff leaked. During the May Day, a large number of consumers to focus on the phone to reflect the situation has attracted the attention of the optimal purchase network. Excellent shopping network again through technical means of investigation, found in the centralized period has a large number of the same IP use a lot of data on the superior network to buy "hit the library", and immediately take measures to shield the IP, and set up by the

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