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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) October 29th news yesterday, Ali’s brand go to travel today officially released, its predecessor is Taobao travel, launched in 2010. Going to focus on the needs of consumers holiday travel, wireless, service, innovation, platform as the four major strategies, but also to promote the online travel industry from sales to service upgrades.

and Alibaba’s many business models, like to travel is also positioned as " platform ". According to Alibaba, to travel on the platform now has tens of thousands of sellers to provide air tickets sales, hotel hotel reservations, vacation product sales, visas and other services. It is understood that, after becoming an independent brand, go ah will enable the new VI system and independent domain name (www.alitrip.com), the original Taobao travel two domain trip.taobao.com is to continue to retain and automatically jump.

Alibaba group air travel business group general manager Li Shaohua said, "chose to go ah as a name, on behalf of us will focus on each of the initial travel dream, users only need to decide to ‘go’, the rest, and go on the platform all ecological partner will do together," as long as the decision of the most difficult part, had ended. Then, go! "". At the same time, "go" and travel English "trip" homophonic, "go out" as the common spoken language is also very friendly and easy to remember.


group senior vice president Fan Zhiming said, the reason for the air travel business launched an independent brand, mainly taking into account the huge potential of online travel market, there are a large number of user requirements is not satisfied, independent brands will be emphasized to provide better service and quality, so that consumers enjoy the ease and peace of mind of the journey.

according to iResearch released statistics show that China’s online travel market is growing rapidly, which is particularly evident in the holiday market in recent years to maintain the growth rate of 40%-50%. At the same time, the traditional tourism industry has hit the tide of the Internet, but the development of online travel for so many years, although the annual growth rate is still very significant, but the overall industry penetration is still very low.

in recent years, Alibaba has been in the layout of travel business, at the beginning of 2014, the Alibaba combined with capital of $twenty million investment in broadband Bai Cheng travel, had also invested a poor travel network, on the road.

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