Ding Tao Division Chen Jiaqiang refused to adhere to the principle of good cry Ali

since the news came out of the Alibaba restart IPO, affecting the world, including NYSE, NASDAQ, HKEx is located in several major stock exchanges in the nerve. Analysts believe that the Alibaba IPO is expected to raise $20 billion, valued at more than $100 billion, breaking the record of the highest financing in the history of the internet. In this connection, the Alibaba became the eyes of all the fragrant steamed bun, have opened a variety of facilities, for the Alibaba listed site selection.

recently, Alibaba listed address selection has made new progress. Hongkong financial services and the Treasury Secretary Chen Jiaqiang said the equity of the Alibaba system trigger multiple listing system, the premise of all the listing rules is to safeguard the interests of investors, this is Hong Kong has been the previous point of view, it is necessary to adhere to. In order to protect the investors, the shares of the listed company shall not include B shares if they are not subject to the approval of the hkex.

  Hongkong financial services and Treasury Secretary Chen Jiaqiang

Chen Jiaqiang tough attitude, so that Alibaba feel hopeless negotiations. In desperation, Alibaba CEO Lu Zhaoxi responded to abandon listed in Hongkong".

Alibaba is a super giant enterprise in the field of e-commerce and finance, if the choice of listed in Hong Kong, will undoubtedly greatly enhance the visibility and influence of the volume of transactions in Hongkong. If the financing to $20 billion, more than the last time Hongkong AIA $17 billion 500 million financing record, a record high since the founding of Hongkong, the significance is not big. No matter where the listed Alibaba will be recorded in history, Chen Jiaqiang faced history opportunity, resolutely resist the temptation of fairness andjustice first for the investor is responsible for the principle of Ali said "NO", we are here to Chen Jiaqiang or Chen Jiaqiang are good.

in Chinese ancient thinkers in the Warring States period, Mencius once said something highly respected "immune to temptations, poverty can not be changed, force can bend, suffocate." It can be seen that the firm belief and the principle of adhering to the principle are the most valuable quality of the Chinese nation.

Hongkong is one that has always been "fair", adhere to the "principles" of the society, perhaps you think Hongkong this stubborn ideas are too aging, will affect the economic development even slowing social efficiency. But on the contrary, the HKEx, for example, from 2009 to 2011 for three consecutive years, the amount of IPO financing are more than the NYSE and Nasdaq, ranked first in the world.

insists on not only Chen Jiaqiang. At the same time, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Commission, the Hongkong government to withstand the pressure, have no intention to change the listing rules. Even the Hong Kong Stock Exchange CEO Li Xiaojia published the "investor protection on Alibaba he said would", public interests first. Coincidentally, the financial services and the Treasury of Hongkong’s former Secretary Ma Shiheng said in 10 years ago, Hongkong.

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