Zhang Xiaolong can withstand excessive internal consumption on WeChat related to life and death

has always felt that WeChat may be the most open Internet companies in the product, see each of the third party development company based on WeChat in full swing, many companies have also got a lot of investment. As it is, WeChat is likely to become the developer’s paradise, WeChat provides the interface and flow entrance, developers can develop various products accordingly, businesses can enhance their brand from the development mode and brings considerable sales, profit sharing. I even think that the future of mobile electricity providers will be in WeChat, on his open. But now we must face, before the naive idea of shame.

before April 16th, unusually low profile QQ suddenly uncharacteristically high-profile marketing, marketing QQ WeChat officially launched today, the new version of "enhanced marketing QQ" client of WeChat public number backstage management, enterprise management can be synchronized with WeChat QQ end the public number of customers, a number of functions with adjustable image display, user communication, marketing interactive, online sales, tracking analysis, which on the part of the introduction of products with a third party development company introduced actually are as like as two peas. In other words, all products of WeChat third party development platform are involved, and in particular, the WeChat third party company shall have to.

based on the reason why WeChat is so popular, in addition to its own use of the crowd as well as the advantages of the product and other aspects of the third party companies really can not do without. On the one hand, these companies carefully study all kinds of policies for WeChat, WeChat can quickly understand any policy and reflect, on the one hand, and continue to educate business owners to use WeChat open platform. Tencent’s own energy is limited, the responsibility of the education market to the development of the company. At present, the use of WeChat development model, most of them are third party companies pull customers. In the aspect of training and education of users, the third party platform made outstanding contributions to the WeChat, WeChat will give the thought of gratitude to these companies more, contractors who want to be such a fate, chilling.

prior to the development of the company with a team communication, asked whether they would worry about the development of Tencent. We are optimistic attitude, that is not possible to snatch the Tencent has big Mac with third party, in addition to the third party company is actually for Tencent to work, the future electricity supplier WeChat, only WeChat to pay the cost is very considerable. At present, Tencent can not be satisfied with a small WeChat to pay the cost of. Today I call several third party development team, is basically a cry, the enterprise has offered to cooperate directly with the Tencent official, many teams are considering leaving WeChat or transformation, but pay so much effort so how can to leave.


runs the third party company is marketing QQ as a starting point, relying on the advantages of QQ and QQ in the use of powerful groups in terms of customer service marketing. No matter how hard the third party company customer service system and marketing QQ can not be compared, are difficult to surpass from the user habits and data analysis as well as the customer service team management and other aspects, so to the platform implanted marketing QQ customer service system "

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