The 30 year old former penniless is not terrible terrible is no courage

  as a personal webmaster, penniless when perhaps long, even sometimes the body only 5 yuan of money, will find a cafe to spend all night.

  personal webmaster can not eat, but can not be on the Internet;

  personal webmaster can not sleep, but can’t be full of spirit but no way to access the Internet;

  personal webmaster is very bitter, that is because we are still very small, paranoid that one day can become a network survivor.

  crooked brains, advertising account was K too.

  leased space cheated, the server was hacked.

  survivors are survivors, is to experience a catastrophe. Through the death you are survivors, your future happiness is that.

  webmaster please believe a word, is a dark night, dawn will not be late.

  maybe you have thirty, you might already have a wife and children, has a family, but you have no money, that day is not terrible, terrible is you have a young heart, please don’t abandon yourself too old, it is important to keep the young heart.

  when you do not have the courage, what you are not.

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