The implementation of the domestic domain name real name system inventory emergency notice

Dear customer:


in order to implement the Ministry of industry and information technology "issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology on further regulation scheme of mobile phone pornographic special action" (the Ministry of tube [2009] No. 672) the spirit, while the implementation of CNNIC in the recently issued "on the registered domain name system to carry out circular" inventory, real accuracy and integrity, this domain name registration information promotion, our company for December 14, 2009 at 9 in the morning before the successful registration of domestic domain to domain name registration information authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the investigation in full, please cooperate with the following contents:

1, please in January 31, 2010 before the written proof of identity materials submitted to our review, written proof of identity materials include a copy of the business license or the organization code certificate (copy scan), domain name registration contact ID (positive and negative copy scan);

2, if you are unable to provide a complete domain name registration information, the need for domain name transfer, please according to our assignment procedure ( operation as soon as possible, and provide the domain name registration contact ID (positive and negative copy scan). After the transfer is successful, please submit the written proof of identity.

please copy the above written proof of information to submit a copy of the mail to the mailbox [email protected] attachment name please write the domain name (Note: Annex image format only supports JPG format), thank you!

for the domain name registration information before January 31, 2010 have not yet submitted written proof of data domain name, Division I will stop the DNS, please known

, thank you!

thank you for your support and cooperation!

business China business center

January 6, 2010

such a personal domain name how to do, how to do personal


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