Since the realization of the media concept written on the eve of scrimmage


articles from the media of sand and water and also wrote several articles. In a recent article, "the end of the year since the end of the water gossip in 2013 from the media development and trends," a text. Among them, the sand water put forward a point of view, that is the best way to marry the wealthy from the media". Thousand good good stand to earn good money, especially his best.

people from the media will be for fame and

don’t look now since the media fire in a complete mess, a word most loaded to force Internet circle. However, behind the flourishing since the media is a grassroots group of people from the media in the enjoyment of self obscenity Hi, really is from the media on the top of the wave tide beat enjoy dividend after just a few. There are motives and roots of everything, from the media, for example, sand water summed up as "name" and "profit" two categories. The name, is false, the pursuit of interests or recognized or may be attributed to the "name"; Li, but the profit, is nothing more than to enrich the pockets. Of course, also there is a category of fame and fortune, Luo Zhenyu, Cheng Ling Feng should be regarded as such.

from the media in both fame or profit, are not the only noble integrity, ability. Luo Zhenyu with WeChat public platform for the creation of Million miracles is that skill, Cheng Ling Feng rely on Baidu hundreds of half a month paid advertising costs 30 thousand it is skill, three meters in the Sohu news client from the media video on three tables Longmen income of 150 thousand that is…… Behind many of the skills are to meet the media from the "name" and "profit" dispute.

Whether it is Baidu

100, a Sohu or news from the media, a signal has shown is, people from the media began to usher in a golden period, the name diligent can become famous, can write and write characteristics are favorable canpursue. Don’t look now Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, Baidu, Sina, 360 are from the media platform, but really taken from the commercialization of the media is only the forerunner of Sohu and the pace of Baidu afterward, the group also just don’t follow the temperature not fire.

from the media platform should be from the media people hematopoietic

first said later Baidu. Baidu is a 100, put up a pageantry invited a number of famous people from the media to visit Guilin in a circle, declaring the birth of. Then, Cheng Ling Feng began to announce Baidu by hundreds of drainage advertising revenue from the media, it seems to tell the world, as long as Baidu hundred, rely on Baidu Everfount traffic advertising can be realized by the literati dream, the text can also be for students.

sand water can only say that is a nouveau riche shot is rich nouveau riche. Although adding hundreds of money, but this is Baidu 100 key support out, when really added since the media people, it is enough, all will be "a milksop". And show a better knife ruthless determination, these famous people from the media into the exclusive contract. Anyway, there are plenty of rich handsome Baidu hand money, flower >

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