Hangzhou Tencent technology has been questioned personal information security is difficult to protec

            according to media reports, in May 1st the implementation of the provisions of the "Regulations" in Hangzhou City computer information network security protection and management, no unit or individual shall make use of computer information network spread rumors, disturbs social order, destruction of social stability; not malicious public comments incited others, open the privacy of others or by implication, way of alluding to such personal attacks on others; not affront others or fabricating facts to slander others; providing electronic bulletin, online games and other instant messaging services, with user registration information and publish the information audit function, and truthfully registration valid proof of identity for the creation of the service to its users etc..

such Internet new regulations, there are some problems, need to seriously discuss.

is the first regulation itself is fuzzy, there is a gray area. May not spread rumors, disrupt social order, infringe the privacy of others, malicious comments on others, the truth seems to be good, but the problem is that the general vague provisions and can not accurately define the nature of speech.

For example,

is not part of false rumors; whether disrupting the order and destabilizing these major "crimes", such as a public discussion or court cross examination, debate, and which departments to identify


if only by the public security department or even by an official to determine whether appropriate? In particular, what is called "encouraging malicious comments of others"? And "hint", "hint" and how to identify (Lu Xun’s essay writing can be used)? Also, especially official corruption, illegal scandal scandal is personal privacy right


how to treat and protect the privacy of the masses and public figures…… These Regulations are not detailed explanation and rules, fuzzy space and grey area. This will lead to Internet users and Internet service providers to a highly fuzzy test regulations, on the other hand, the implementation of regulations on operation, trouble, one not careful will lead to implementation of the Ordinance on alienation and distortion.

followed by the implementation of the technical challenges and the protection of the rights of Internet users. In accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance and its interpretation, users to open a blog, posts and so on are required to register a valid identity certificate.

this is actually a controversial network real name system. However, under the current conditions, whether it is the background real name or foreground real name, there are some technical problems can not be ignored, as well as the actual operation of the right to protect the problem.

, for example, how to verify the identity of the website, which not only to establish the identity verification procedures and processes, and to verify the identity of the database, increase the difficulty and cost of website operation for impersonation identity It goes without saying that; the registration of Internet posting, web site and how one of the screening, prevention is difficult.

in the vast information website, how to identify users send the authenticity of the information, whether the alleged "hint" and "innuendo" he "

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