Embrace the nternet technology to bring the value of education

education is China towards education in this country, this topic has always been more serious about the Internet, the topic of education, has attracted major media attention and industry. Under the influence of the Internet, big data to make education more efficient and scientific, at the same time, more abundant educational resources, teaching methods are more flexible, the education industry is facing many opportunities to break the status quo.

Internet plus education, education structural change

Since the

generated from the information technology, people change in education has not stopped, the Internet has changed the world, changed our life, the traditional line of education has been unable to meet the development of the times, education needs innovation, need to reform, in order to adapt to the development of.

from the previous knowledge centered education model into a student centered education model, education must undergo a change. On the one hand, students can learn the interest and habit, choose the place of learning, learning methods, the future of education, can learn through the Internet; in addition, through the Internet, the future most of the teaching resources are shared, free of charge, every student can use the Internet to the quality of the resources sharing, to avoid a lot of waste resources.

technology will bring new value to the industry

According to the "

China internet education industry trends report" data show that Internet education market growth rate ranked third in the entire industry, is expected to 2017, the Internet education market will exceed 280 billion yuan.

billion market size, visible technology will bring new value for the industry, these values are mainly manifested in two aspects, on the one hand is to connect students and teachers; on the other hand is to connect students and knowledge.

1 connect students and teachers

in 1980s, many schools have computer multimedia projection equipment, this technology is used to enhance the multimedia classroom teaching, such as slides, video and projection technology, and began to spread.

with the development of technology, not only teachers, students also began to use technology learning. On the one hand is the educational institutions will be recorded into video lectures by DVD for the sale of students; on the other hand, with the popularity of broadband, once in the course of the disc is on the Internet, as content distribution channels for students learning. This time, the teachers in the role of the Internet, mostly for students to record and teach content, do not take the initiative to communicate with students.

with the popularity of the Internet, the growing demand for students to learn on the Internet, but also spawned more teachers and students interact through the internet. Online live courses increased, more and more teachers from educational institutions under the line transfer of the Internet gold rush.

this can be proved, in the Internet environment, educational value. As a result, the connection between students and teachers is that the demand for high quality teachers is magnified

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