Low academic Gang easily invaded Baidu promotion account fraud hundred

original title: invasion of Baidu to promote account fraud over a hundred

Beijing News (reporter Liu Yang Intern Lin Nanwei) search engine is not so safe and reliable. The day before, Baidu 660 to promote customer account have been used, the suspect stole the account information tampering, fraud hundred, involving more than 50 yuan.

yesterday, the Beijing police informed that 3 criminal gangs involved in a total of 10 people under criminal detention. This is the first case of Beijing police will advance computer intrusion and network fraud throughout the fight.

Baidu draft suffered fraud

earlier this year, Mr. Lee reported in Beijing, he said, through the Baidu search to pick the show group fraud him 2500 yuan.

Lee said that he was very fond of watching a nationally renowned talent show, and dreams of going on stage experience. He will be the name of the program in the search engine Baidu, the screen will soon show the Advisory telephone. Lee call, the other claiming to be the staff of this draft program, said to participate in this program, you need to pay 2500 yuan fee.

prompted by the other side, Lee will be handling fees in the form of bank transfer in the past. After the exchange of money, I call the program group, how to play can not contact them."

660 promotion account content has been tampered with

actually, Mr. Lee did not search to show the truth, the original is the program group in stolen Baidu customer promotion account, criminals tampered with the account of the phone, users dial, automatic transfer to the fraud suspects of communication devices. At the same time, Baidu and related businesses have also found the problem and report.

police investigation found that from 1 to March this year, Baidu to promote customer accounts were illegally embezzled, the contents of the contents of the promotion of the 660 were tampered with, the suspect posing as the name of the customer through the network fraud.

police, is the enterprise in the promotion account has a search function of the web site (such as Baidu) registered on the account, and apply for the "Keywords", when potential customers at this site search keywords, the enterprise can be preferred to search. The cost of the site’s search for the enterprise is proportional to the amount of information the potential customer clicks on the enterprise. And because the company has been tampered with the promotion account, Baidu is also a direct loss of 1 million 200 thousand yuan.

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easy to break the low academic website

Beijing police lasted three months, after Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Guangdong, Hainan five careful investigation, June 19th, in Hainan, Haikou, Danzhou, 3 criminal gangs were 13 suspects.

According to reports, the clear division of criminal gangs, 4 people suspected of destroying the computer information system, the rest of the people involved in fraud, they account, from to March between the hundreds of crimes, profit of more than 50 yuan. Investigators revealed that these doubts

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