Rednet Pinyin forgotten renew the domain name domain name new note for 100

It is reported,

news June 10th, net forget Pinyin domain name was registered after the renewals, before the date of the domain name to sell $16400 in overseas platform, about 110 thousand yuan, the domain name of the identity of the buyer is unknown, anecdotal for Chinese buyers. domain is the fate of twists and turns, a domain name is deleted because the owner forgot to renew, during which there were 112 people in the book bidding in this domain, after 3 days of the auction, a total of 177 bids, finally sold for $16400 at present, domain name, domain name registration time is displayed in this month 5 days, the domain name is is to renew until 2012, the Hongwang as the main body of the mainstream suffix domain name has been registered, and the registration time for several years.

Hongwang is the red Pinyin, is Lenovo million net,, etc. with the "net" platform, is suitable for comprehensive information, news and other platforms, the other to understand, at present Hunan network brand news platform called net (, which to some extent promote the raising of domain the price.

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