Wind will more rational WeChat public investment has really come

2011 is the first year of the China Mobile Internet, from that year onwards, entrepreneurship and investment, as the tide ups and downs, never stopped a moment. There were two storms, a 2012 APP investment, a 2013 Mobile Games investment. Since it is a storm, come and go quickly. The air after a mess.

2014 is the low tide of mobile Internet business and investment. In an unusual stillness, everyone is looking for the next.

find the air outlet is not difficult, where the Internet traffic, where the tuyere. The beginning of 2014, WeChat not only in the mobile terminal traffic accounted for the rapid expansion, but also bring new traffic – our parents for the mobile terminal, and the internet almost insulated people become loyal users of WeChat. After the Spring Festival in 2015 WeChat red storm, WeChat is no longer a mobile Internet products, but the Chinese people’s way of life.


problem attendant, in this tuyere, how to invest? Investment?

in 2014, I have had contact with some investors, the attitude of the public platform for WeChat, nothing more than two points:

1, WeChat and micro-blog will not be the same, a gust of wind, was replaced by another product;

2, WeChat platform is Tencent, content and users on the platform, it is a Tencent, so the above investment is not safe.

said these words, investors eyes flashing are sophisticated human sophistication.

entered in 2015, investors gradually weakened these two voices down, they may have changed the prejudices, perhaps there is no alternative – WeChat accounted for the proportion of mobile terminal traffic, has been an overwhelming advantage. Investment in the mobile Internet, do not vote where WeChat cast? Vote WeChat, do not vote WeChat public number cast where?

In fact, after the Spring Festival

investors have not been idle, but we are more low-key, because after all, is a new type of investment, there is a learning process. May, science and technology daily push] valuation of one hundred million yuan to complete the first investment. Since then, Huang also joint investment, the completion of the [Financial] breakfast etc. quality original large public investment, investment and cooperation at present and more high-quality original public number, are busy in.

to contact Huang investment information to determine the beginning of July, the number of public investment has come true. Wind again, instead of the storm, but a warm spring breeze and hee. This time the investment boom, compared to APP, Mobile Games times are much more rational, because WeChat public products mode is very transparent, content, number, number of users to read at a glance; business model is very clear: the closed-loop AD + electricity supplier +O2O. The most critical thing is that the public number of operating costs are very light, so that many of the original large public are in a state of profitability. Didn’t burn.

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