Talking about the three magic weapons of successful word of mouth marketing

word of mouth marketing in the end how much fire, look at the recent rise of a variety of word of mouth network will know. With the popularization and development of Internet, it has become one of the most important marketing methods. The so-called word-of-mouth marketing is the enterprise in the investigation of the market demand situation, need to provide products and services for consumers, and formulate certain reputation promotion plan, let the consumer a good evaluation of automatic transmission products and services, so that people understand the products through word-of-mouth, brand, strengthen market awareness, finally achieve the enterprise product sales and the purpose of providing services.

word of mouth marketing can have a huge role in the enterprise, whether tangible or intangible, it will eventually turn into a double-edged sword. Reputation management is good, can help enterprises to enhance corporate image, product image, to achieve the image of dual marketing. Poor management will directly lead to negative impact on enterprises, the company suffered huge losses. Word of mouth marketing and e-commerce are inextricably linked, and now more and more enterprises are using e-commerce as the carrier and consumer interaction. But the water boat can capsize, in this huge network aggregation, how to manage the word-of-mouth marketing is a problem worth pondering, word-of-mouth marketing success is what the basic


a, quality marketing, excellent product quality is the foundation of

quality is the life of the enterprise, is also a key factor in determining the life of the product. Most consumers are the first impression of the enterprise from its products, and the quality of the product is good or bad about the consumer’s sense of word of mouth". Therefore, in the management of word of mouth marketing, should ensure that the company’s product quality. Like the rat inferior products people cry, in the consumer protection mechanism gradually perfect today, the living space is more and more narrow, not to mention the promotion of word-of-mouth marketing, set foot on the road is death. As the basis of word-of-mouth marketing, the quality of the products should be put in the first place, only to ensure the quality, the customer will consciously promote your products, other services built on this basis will also have the opportunity to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Otherwise there is no basis for development.

two, in order to win the service, to provide quality products and services

if the quality is the basis, the service is like a catalyst, catalytic enterprises closer to the goal of the road. Under the condition of the same product quality, excellent service can better highlight the competitive advantage of enterprises. And many businesses do not understand the service business, that the service is only an added value. In fact, this concept is wrong, the service is included in the product. Consumers buy your product is equal to the purchase of your service, you have the obligation and responsibility to provide quality services. Services are divided into two kinds: pre-sale and after-sales. Pre-sales service is more to attract buyers to buy your products and services, customer service is a test of your service attitude, on whether consumers responsible attitude is often retain old customers, the best way to attract new customers, it can bring unlimited business opportunities for you in the invisible. Therefore, whether in the pre-sale or after-sales service, enterprises are

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