Small cosmetics L’OREAL beauty fashion articles for newly weds

L’OREAL hand in hand also small cosmetics

authorized the development of e-commerce, the game is the full channel or powerful combination of


well-known cosmetics brand, has always been the traditional super king counter channel. The day before the Paris L’OREAL official small cosmetics open electronic commerce.

in order to repay the love and support of the vast number of consumers, Paris L’OREAL will work together to launch a small series of cosmetics in the summer, autumn beauty special activities. Then, in addition to the 2014 Summer Blockbuster beauty cosmetics will also be new flagship store on sale in addition to Paris, L’OREAL will also be in the small cosmetics sale platform launched nearly 20 when the season is the best selling beauty products, to meet the demand for the vast number of consumers exuberant skin, cosmetics etc..

is one of the industry’s leading cosmetics online retailers, one of the world’s largest cosmetics brand. Small cosmetics and Paris L’OREAL’s "how to interpret marriage? Insiders pointed out that the original" premature outside supports full channel and traditional channel marketing will affect the degree of cooperation "judgment period was no longer tenable, with each big Tmall, also have the choice of small cosmetics and other first-line business stationed, this is a point in time and opportunity of the game, it is implied that together"".

cosmetics online shopping is about to usher in boiling period

is also a small cosmetics and Paris L’OREAL’s "family" Declaration of a pure land

Avene in 2011 across the board to clean up the network fake, before LVMH’s Benefit, settled in Tmall to test the water for six months, the same quietly withdrawn…… Experienced a period of well-known cosmetics stumbled in the electricity supplier tide, along with the market competition victory mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore to find like-minded buddy.

has always been low-key small cosmetics business fast, is an indisputable fact. The Paris L’OREAL brand official authorization of the small cosmetics business platform is also officially opened a new era of e-commerce. This reflects that a lot of cosmetics brand is the wave of e-commerce when the wave hit the layout of the online shopping channels carefully. Of course, in order to avoid the "counter outside of all products will be referred to as" fake "embarrassment, duly authorized official, to" own "a statement, also let the online shopping cosmetics market was not originally pure have a pure land, to bow to the family who recorded a strong heart trust agent.

Paris L’OREAL choose to carry out in-depth cooperation with us, more optimistic about the quality of small perfume passenger flow, flexible marketing, efficient platform and intimate, quality service. Through the early contact and cooperation, we both believe that small cosmetics can help Paris L’OREAL to create a new sales miracle. In addition, we also make special promotion policy of Paris L’OREAL also give small cosmetics used to live with, therefore, our marketing department for Paris L’OREAL tailored a series of special brand marketing plans to talk about L’OREAL’s cooperation with Paris, small cosmetics public relations official made it clear that


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