CN domain name up to 6 million 150 thousand free of charge to add fuel to the business

      according to CNNIC just released the twentieth China Internet development statistics report shows that China’s Internet is the main base of explosive growth in resources. At present, the total number of domain names in the mainland has been close to ten million, the main driving force of growth from China’s top domain name CN, an annual growth rate of 416.5%. At the end of June this year, the total number of CN domain name has reached 6 million 150 thousand, accounting for nearly 60% of the total number of China’s domain name registration, the first comprehensive domain name more than COM. Globally, the number of CN domain names is second only to germany.

      CN domain name is the international top-level domain, by our country independent management. For our users CN domain have obvious advantages: CN domain name on the Internet is the Chinese concept, has a significant role in the identification, reflect the value and positioning itself; it is suitable for Chinese law, the CN domain name disputes, will be our agency according to our law, can effectively protect our users interest; CN domain name and rich resources, the registration procedure is simple and fast, full Chinese service, to protect the user’s right to know. The most important CN domain name mainly through the analysis of the domain name server, user access to CN domain name website more stable and fast. Even if the submarine cable breaks 06 years, it will not affect the normal access to the site.

      because of the advantages of CN domain name, its value is rising, the highest price is constantly being refreshed, turnover from "" to "" 100 thousand yuan, closing price of 200 thousand yuan; to the transaction price of one million ""; "" was auctioned two hundred thousand euros, recently, again there are hundreds of million yuan to transfer B2B.CN. At the same time, the price is lower, 280 yuan, 180 yuan, 100 yuan, 80 yuan…… Until the recent era of Internet 0 yuan free gift, the price will be reduced to the lowest CN domain name. It is reported that the era of the Internet’s domain name trading platform – renamed now launched a free CN time domain, only takes 10 seconds to register as a member, you can use for free domain name trading platform, and can get a free domain name English CN. Because it is free, the news came out, causing madness cybersquatting, according to the era of the Internet, every day there are about 2000 CN out of domain name.

      CN domain name as China’s national domain, the state and the government always attaches great importance to and vigorously promote, now the business is to actively join the development for the CN domain name has played an important role in promoting. In particular, the era of Internet CN domain name 0 yuan gift activities, the domain name experience threshold to a minimum, will drive the development of other industries, such as the use of virtual hosts will increase.


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