E commerce segment to accelerate the pace of market size will exceed 40 trillion and 600 billion

The integrity of the site Chinese "million enterprise certification service project"

October 18th China Electronic Commerce Association Digital Service Center Launch Ceremony of "integrity of the site certification service industry standards (Draft)" in the press conference held in Beijing, and released a research report entitled "Chinese e-commerce industry in the third quarter of 2011". The report notes that this year, the rapid development of e-commerce, its market size will reach $40 trillion and 600 billion.

B2B, B2C industry rapidly forward

report shows that, even in the context of the global economic slowdown, China’s e-commerce market is still maintained a rapid and stable growth.

global e-commerce scale in 2010 showed the first wave, after a steady trend. In 2011, the market size rapidly exceeded 40 trillion and 600 billion yuan. Which B2B market size reached $26 trillion, China Association of electronic commerce digital service center is expected in 2011 the global B2B e-commerce transactions will reach $36 trillion and 100 billion.

addition, B2C as a typical representative of e-commerce applications, the total transaction in 2010 reached $1 trillion and 500 billion in 2011 is estimated to reach $1 trillion and 700 billion.

report also pointed out that 85% of the world’s new e-commerce sites belong to B2C, but the number of active stations to grow. Once this market is open, B2C market growth will not be estimated.

Internet users to expand the base factor

Deputy Secretary General of

China Electronic Commerce Association digital service center Wan Donghui said that this year, the rapid development of electronic commerce, in the network to promote a new round of economic development, has become a booster of economic development Chinese.

data show that until the end of September 2011, the total number of Chinese Internet users reached 523 million, Internet penetration rate reached 39%. 2011 Q3 China’s e-commerce market transactions amounted to 1 trillion and 700 billion, Internet users per capita monthly net consumption of up to $260, an increase of 7% over the same period last year.

market segments continue to explore e-commerce forward

in the market after this big cake is divided, the micro subdivision situation is gradually presented.

B2C this is yet to be reclaimed land, mobile phone network marketing, maternal and child products, clothing industry, tourism market, cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceutical industry to save the middle part in sales, the price also has a large advantage, convenient Internet life.

, according to Wan Donghui introduction, the development of domestic e-commerce ten years, started late, fast development. The Internet technology is becoming more and more perfect environment, by exploring the direction from various angles, diversified development mode, multi field cooperation, maintain the vigorous development of the situation, and gradually mature and file. The breadth and depth of user applications are also being extended. China Electronics

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