Dangdang to sheep 1 base billion to build intends to push the Dangdang cashmere

[Abstract] Dangdang will introduce a variety of services in the category of cashmere, such as C2B customization, seasonal product flash purchase, etc..

right for Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog)

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) October 15th news, NetEase CEO pig breeding, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing to raise sheep. Li Guoqing in October 14th revealed in micro-blog: Dangdang ready to raise sheep, the upper reaches of the upper reaches of the industry chain, to push its own brand ‘Dangdang cashmere’ to prepare.

Li Guoqing said that commodity prices have superior cashmere goods market, in addition to the sheep enclosure uneven in quality, and also with the Inner Mongolia cashmere association cooperation, jointly establish the platform of high-quality cashmere enterprises.

The general manager of

dangdang.com clothing division Deng Yifei said, Dangdang has reached a strategic cooperation with Inner Mongolia Hohhot cashmere Association, the future will invest 200 million to establish cashmere online open platform, will spend 100 million yuan to build a sheep breeding base in Inner Mongolia, cashmere roots in the upstream industry chain, constructing trade chain integration of cashmere goods loop, pave the way for the future in Dangdang own brand "Dangdang cashmere".

Deng Yifei also said, Dangdang will introduce a variety of services in the cashmere category, such as C2B customization, seasonal products flash purchase, life-long free maintenance, replacement, in addition is also brewing launched free brand Dangdang cashmere ", eventually will be erected in a closed loop transaction chain covers new flash sales, mall platform poop sale, self and boutique, its own brand more than one.

Deng Yifei said, in the category of cashmere goods quality, dangdang.com set a high threshold, only recruit 50-70 domestic first-line brand of cashmere or luxury foundry businesses, including Chloe, Burberry and other top producers, in collaboration with the national authoritative testing organizations test center of Beijing fur, in dangdang.com cashmere brand will strict testing.

Inner Mongolia cashmere production accounted for nearly 80% of China’s cashmere production, cashmere exports accounted for the world’s total of 60%. Inner Mongolia large and medium-sized enterprises and brand-name products of cashmere cashmere products qualified rate close to 100%, and for Chanel, Gucci, Armani and other luxury brands to provide OEM service.

, however, affected by raw materials, wages, the impact of factors, the majority of Inner Mongolia cashmere enterprises profit margins smaller and smaller. As a joint venture of Inner Mongolia cashmere enterprises, the Hohhot cashmere association has actively promoted the transformation of cashmere brands to the Internet in recent years.

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