2011 B2C industry year end summary

this year was dubbed the layout of e-commerce, more and more enterprises from the line to go online, more and more electricity providers to create their own brand. B2C e-commerce market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. According to the 2011 Chinese consumer B2C ecological map, sorted out some of the B2C e-commerce ecological chain this year. Content covers brands, platforms, channels, third party services and other e-commerce industry chain upstream and downstream of various types of electricity providers, through this classification, we can be very clear understanding of the 2011 there are those popular electricity supplier brand. Together we look back, in 2011, which electricity supplier brands have been concerned about us, look forward to their better performance in 2012.

first, brand (brand side)


clothing shoes and bags

1.1.1, Metersbonwe, BELLE, Jomoo, Semir, Bosideng, Septwolves, love, Daphne, YOUNGOR,

, Tang

nanjiren, peacebird, AOKANG, Fuguiniao, underwear.

1.1.2 Marceau, Felipe Eslite, wheat bags, dream bazaar, masamaso, feel, cotton, fashion, Evo uprising, seven

lattice, NOP. (pure online brand)

1.3OSA, the city of angels, my one percent, ANN, starry, Liebo, JUSTYLE, Mr.Ing,

, anti radiation Tim

SPORTICA. (Taobao)

1.2 Electronics / home appliances

1.2.1 Haier, Hisense, TCL, Lenovo, BBK, millet, Midea, Joyoung, Newman, Meizu, Galanz, GREE,

OPPO, ZTE, patriot, Changhong, SUPOR, RAPOO, tianyu.

1.2.2 bear, puppy. (Taobao)

1.3 sports / outdoor

Lining, Anta, PEAK, 361, XTEP, kappa, TOREAD, erke.

1.4 beauty / health

1.4.1, LaFang, Sinoway, Liushen Herborist, CHCEDO, Shu Lei.

1.4.2 grass set, Royal mud square, AFU, Niu er. (Taobao)

1.5 home furnishings (4 unknown)

1.5.1 Rowland home textiles, textiles, home textiles, mercury paradise umbrella

1.5.2 100 cold (Taobao brand)

1.6 jewelry

1.6.1 Zhou Dafu, a gold shop, Luk Fook jewellery, sub Zhou Shengsheng, Fengxiang, liuligonggang.


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