4 star Jobs the strongest marketing marketing language coach

January 24, 1984, Apple Corp has released its landmark product to the world Macintosh. Exactly 30 years ago. Recently the 2013 have seen the book about Jobs and apple, the observation of replay time, the formation of this article, to pay tribute to the masters.


who is the most cattle marketing guru on our planet?

I want to say Jobs, you may not agree, will mention some other people such as Kotler? Gilad? Schultz? Trout? David Ogilvy? I don’t know, maybe everyone has their own answers.

but who is the best marketing coach on the planet,


I think Jobs should not be a big problem. He spent his life in the practice of marketing, and with a sufficiently penetrating case — apple, interpretation of the essence of marketing.

after all, in Jobs’s lifetime, Apple’s business achievements and influence are temporarily no two.

in my perception, coaches and theorists, there is a significant difference. The coach is more in the real environment, in a "precept" way, let you understand, improve, update knowledge, acquire skills.

if there is no marketing practice as a standard, that Jobs must be higher than other masters, it seems there is no objective basis. After all, as Trout and Kotler, have served many well-known in the world top 500 enterprises, Ogilvy is few, can cross the advertising circle as the spotlight of the sense of it.

what’s the difference between Jobs and them,


I understand as follows: two


, Jobs, the product is a product, marketing is the marketing; or to be understood as the relentless pursuit of sales, such as Gilad; not advertising, such as Ogilvie; or, is a discipline in itself, such as Kotler.

Jobs is the only master a "super", this "super" is reflected in his saying, "rather than" more ", he is a global, overall, rather than fragmented, broken down in to look at and practice of marketing.

Jobs is also the only one of the product, marketing, business model, the rule of a furnace, the integration of a master. This is the return of the whole eastern thought.

this fusion is a thinking, with a forward-looking era, after Jobs, marketing and products, business models are more and more inseparable, no need to go. This insight, profound impact on today’s technology and the business world, revolutionized the generation of awareness of marketing.

two, still return to the "practice" of this point, really great, in my opinion is a kind of "life practice", Jobs picked up a lifetime product not only, not a day that I ran to do research, or simply.

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