Liu Yu how to promote the apparel industry network

in the past few years the rapid development of the network era, many traditional enterprises have tasted their sweetness in the tide of network promotion, the network promotion became a part of the industry marketing enterprises in the main event. The clothing industry has gradually developed from the traditional marketing to a new era of network sales. 2009 Chinese clothing brands and clothing online shopping Research Report: nearly 60% of online shopping consumers bought clothes online, clothing accounted for about of the total amount of online shopping. Taobao clothing sales of more than 100 million per day. Behind this figure, I believe more clothing industry operators think. In this economic environment, how to carry out the successful and effective network promotion. Today, Liu Yuhan is here to share with you.

is the first to give yourself a precise positioning, China clothing number? What are the production of clothes? What is the sign of memory? What kind of crowd for Septwolves such as typical business men?. Lining sportswear. This is the location of these big brands, will be a profound memory of us. This is the age of personality. We want to give consumers a positioning standard memory points. In fact, the biggest difference between network promotion and traditional advertising is that it will give a product or brand culture, this culture is like the needs of users, is the feedback of market information. A not for the old advertising Jin told their own good. And this culture can be flawed, but it is true, so that the public more credible. For example, a large brand of clothing openly on the Internet, I am afraid of water, which highlights the brand’s nobility. I believe consumers will be more willing to understand and accept the brand.

should pay attention to the details, a lot of online shop or some clothing companies do a good job in the direction of the network promotion work, but many of the details of some poor. People who buy clothes on the Internet know that the most likely is the online shopping, experience is relatively poor, especially clothing, can not be tried. This requires businesses to do the details of the promotion should pay attention to. For example, the size of the specification, the proportion of performance at the same time, materials are also described in detail. Especially on the collocation to have two years of research, this all-match popular, is that this. Online consumer groups pay more attention to visual effects, and then there is a picture to be true, clean, not too fancy. Do not get some of the pictures taken far away, or the scene is very poor, and clothing is not adjusted. The former will mislead consumers, the latter will reduce consumer desire to buy. My client is selling white-collar petty wardrobe show Korean dress, are genuine, and factory direct supply, price and quality are very favorable. Including models show that there are close to the shot and far shot. Is a live action. The whole is very good, that is, sometimes in the details will be ignored, sometimes there will be a lot of clothing folds. Some of the walls are not clean. But later accepted Yu suggested that network promotion effect is very good now. Has a large number of fixed online consumers.

finally is targeted. People who spend most of their time online are usually between the ages of 20 and 40. He.

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