Fresh fresh fruit C round of financing Alibaba KKR joint investment

March 28th, fresh fruit fresh announced the completion of the C round of financing, the current round of financing by Alibaba and KKR investment. Fresh fresh fruit, said the financing is the largest domestic fresh electricity supplier industry to a sum of financing, but the company did not disclose the specific amount of financing.


Fresh fruit is easy to

co-founder and co chairman Jin Guanglei said that this round of financing will promote easy expansion and fresh fruit to enhance the ability to create value for customers, through the integration of quality control, system operation and regional management, the company will provide quality services for more families.

Jin Guanglei said, 2016 will continue to expand the area of fresh fruit is easy to expand the scale, rich products and services through cooperation with the best companies in all segments, to increase its fresh cold chain platform "Xianda" input. Online shopping is an inevitable trend in the development of fresh consumption, but to speed up the process, fresh electricity supplier industry must be in the quality control, efficiency and regional operations greater effort. In this fruit will work hard, steadily forward."

fresh fruit was founded in October 2005, belongs to Shanghai Yi fruit Agel Ecommerce Ltd, company founder of cottage, co-founder and co chairman Jin Guanglei. Fresh fruit is easy to network is a main fresh fruit B2C business platform, there’s a "fruit", "raw food", "Le alcohol" and "Jinse" 4 brands. From 2005 to date, fresh fruit fresh in the vertical industry has accumulated nearly 10 years of experience, has a good supply chain resources and logistics and distribution capabilities, especially in the East China market has a certain influence.

public information, easy fruit net obtained in 2013 the Alibaba’s tens of millions of dollars in investment strategy, and received the Alibaba and Yunfeng capital jointly inject B round of financing in 2014.

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