Network company activities planning and implementation of the whole process of sharing

Hello, long time no write some articles, working in the company for 6 years under the network, and we explore the local portal site is how to carry out online and offline activities, hoping to help you improve the site can better adapt to the society’s ability to survive. Let everyone detours!

was the first to talk about my situation right now, in an Internet company in 6 years, due to a long time, now in the company responsible for the site’s editor and designer, was honoured at an Internet company and more friends come together, learn different knowledge network experience! At present, our company is responsible for the local portal site a number of 12 staff, responsible for the artists to have two, responsible for the editing of the two, is responsible for collecting information and advertising business has 6, of course I and my assistant, 12 members of the division of labor, the formation of this place the portal team! Below I to analyze a project I planned it,

this project is to use our website VIP members and offline activities to integrate. It is the business of products through our website VIP members can show their release product, while products also show business products in our 100 thousand leaflets, there is our organization businesses with their own products to 10 local university product exhibition site purchase activities. At that time, many businesses are still very happy, there are a few bosses also specifically found that I said, guy, you do a good job activities, the next few more ah!". In fact, when I heard these words, or very happy, because he is the person in charge of this project, if not good, trouble, fortunately, the effect is good!

first, we planned these activities after the written agreement, ask the salesman and merchants to negotiate this activity, because we site traffic is very big, there are a lot of loyal business has been rooted in our website, all our old customers are many, is also very easy for business investment that is, even if the site effect of the general case, we believe that the line effect is particularly powerful! So the salesman for old customers will be nothing difficult fix but for new customers, businesses, is still a little difficult, of course, started well, we do not yet understand the effect, this requires the clerk to take the lead new businesses to understand our advertising effects


second, by business investment, to determine the number and product business, then we will give two designers, let them work as soon as possible to layout design flyer products, ready to enter the printing stage, because of the printing number 100 thousand, to advance to the printing company to operate. After printing, we distributed to local universities, of course, these services are from each university students go to the arrangement, we do not have to worry about, but we will be responsible for the people and students to talk about this activity is good.

again, due to the distribution of leaflets to put in place, the theme of the activities of the local good

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