The utility of the enterprise network marketing wise remark of an experienced person

no matter what you do, empty talk are useless, any truth comes from practice, as the saying goes, all practice is the criterion of truth. My network marketing experience is I am trying. Experience in practice. Engaged in network marketing also has several years of life, mainly in the lottery industry and machinery industry, the two industry span is very big, have to say that the lottery industry network marketing relative to the machinery industry. Because of the small scale of the enterprise, are generally more controls one, so all the skills necessary to grasp the network marketing work. Here I am very grateful to have the opportunity to let me exercise their own ability.

in the lottery industry, mainly to do the marketing work of a medium-sized Xiaofeng lottery website, Baidu bid cost is too high is not our company can afford, but also because of the special nature of the lottery industry, Baidu bid basically eliminate the gaming industry for advertising. We have a large number of enterprises in network marketing investment, because bring a lot of traffic and customer source network marketing for our Xiaofeng lottery website. For this low input, high return marketing approach is the way many companies to expand their business channels. What are the main ways of network marketing? Below I share some of the experience from the lottery website marketing ideas in marketing.

1, multi site coexistence of marketing methods

network marketing optimization work can not avoid the site, we do website Xiaofeng lottery lottery software website, no physical products, so the business is for sale on the Internet, then our marketing station is our multi user window. The general enterprise stand less content, small sites such as it is difficult to survive, for the lottery "is even more so, overnight web sites have ranked, according to this situation, we adopt multi station marketing solution.he.

2, forum marketing

forum marketing is the webmaster topic that do a commonplace talk of an old scholar, marketing workers have used the forum to do marketing resources. The old method here I do not say, here I mainly analyze the way I do in the Xiaofeng lottery website forum for marketing. The Internet Forum type so the forums are all sorts of strange things, don’t do marketing, choose the products and their associated promotion forum. According to the nature of our Lottery site I mainly select software, source code, and is highly relevant to the sports lottery forum. Specific how to operate effectively according to the nature of their web site to practice.

3, QQ group marketing

this practice I just felt, because I also Xiaofeng lottery website a few months before it started to QQ marketing group. My main way is to register a large number of QQ, and then these QQ are added in a group, so that after the continuous promotion of their QQ group, the nature of this group is the lottery exchange group. The use of multiple QQ their first group atmosphere transferred, then continue to increase, this time building group. Then >

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