Customer accounts money on the website

customer accounts (money) on the


recently in many media, the word began to appear more frequently. May be the media found a new point, but it is more likely that some accounts to do some of the website promotion. I generally look at the search engine on the customer accounts, money guest website, made a cursory study of water, talk about my guest website model views money reconciliation. Of course, there will be a lot of expansion, but also some of my views on the general project planning.

first, feasibility analysis before the project

(here only to analyze the project itself, the feasibility of the market do not discuss this article. Do not do detailed analysis.


as the beginning of a project, we need to ask ourselves, why should the accounting to the internet.

in China, there are a lot of people to start a business or do a new project, like from a concept, but not fully consider the concept is feasible and how to implement. Even some people simply put the concept as a business model, that a good concept is a good business model. What is provided to the user, which can solve the problem of users, is a fundamental problem in the project development of the user; to the gold master (here refers to the operation of the project funds to support may be the source of income, business enterprises, can also be users) can provide what, what the problem can be solved by the gold master, based return to the user; and the gold master to solve the problem at the same time, through what way project operators get revenue, this way will result in unacceptable threshold to the user and the gold master, an important condition is whether the establishment of the project. These two problems are the so-called profit model. Some people consider the business model is too much to consider the first aspect, and the profit model in the late to consider. If there is a lot of money to support, but also the basic idea of the profit model, it may be feasible. But if there is no amount of money behind it, or the profit models of vague, no basic ideas, it is this. There are people who ignore the user’s feelings, but only to consider the wishes of businesses, consider how profitable, in the end is that users do not accept, all the wishes of the business are not based on the basis of profit is not.

1, what needs to solve the user

verbose so much, back to the customer accounts website. There are many small family financial management software has been on the market, such as moneywise, smartfortune book and excellent financial treasure, and similar housekeeper so there is a long time software. Generally speaking, the function of family financial management, these software can have. In this case, we need to ask ourselves a question whether we will these functions to the network is a network of customer accounts of it? The answer is clearly not the same function, do not have to install the PC, why move to go online. So what we need to do is look at the ordinary users who need the most financial functions, as well as how these features can best combine the advantages of the network. No need >

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