Promotion strategy of China consulting expert network

China consulting expert network promotion strategy


first, the basic principles of website promotion

1 technical


3 flexibility

4 comprehensive

two, website promotion of specific programs

21, online promotion program

1 Multi keyword strategy

2 site optimization program

3 marketing analysis program

4 online customer service program

5 customer tracking program

22, offline promotion program


2 land

3 by

three, website promotion program implementation

31, the principle of program implementation

32, the contents of the implementation of the program

33, the progress of the implementation of the program

three or four, the implementation of the program to achieve the purpose of

first, the basic principles of website promotion

1, technical

web development involves many technologies, the traditional site will promote these technologies and sites are separated, on the one hand, it leads to many garbage station; we are surprised to see on the other hand, after the promotion of the website work always occurs in the website. Two kinds of phenomena make the site become a kind of decoration, can not play its due role in marketing, or marketing role is limited;

lead to the phenomenon of the above reasons, we call it positioning is not allowed; or that the development of the site is not right.

in the era of Internet search engine economy, the site should be built from the perspective of marketing. One of the most basic features are: the website technology and website marketing from the beginning of the construction site together.

simply said: the site, from the beginning, technology and marketing of pairing.

What are the benefits of


1.1 is consistent with the basic point of view that the website needs to develop from the marketing point of view;

1.2 web site has four characteristics, one is technical; the other is the purpose; the other is the unique form of expression; the four is marketing, then, in line with the marketing characteristics of the site itself;

1.3 site on the line after not, it will have a good ranking in some of the key words, marketing is relatively fast;

1.4 has laid a good technical foundation for the following website marketing;

2, the purpose of

our website is

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