To participate in the Dongguan operations center micro blog marketing forum summary

May 6th, a Dongguan telephone call note into my eye. At first I concluded that the call is definitely Baidu promotion business phone, ten seconds to keep it neatly on the phone. The thought to scold two sentences, but came across the girl’s voice, "Hello, I am here is Sina micro-blog Dongguan operations center, I would like to ask you are the ideal tutor network of Mr. XX you……". A little surprised. They know that I am on Sina micro-blog is a registered user of the enterprise, the number of fans is only a few hundred, did not arrange for someone to operate, is purely a major festival in the release of a few greetings. In other words, the marketing effect is very poor. She invited me to participate in the 9 Sina micro-blog Dongguan operations center held a marketing forum, I was promised. In the morning, after I took part in the micro-blog Marketing Forum, they sat quietly next to the computer, write this summary to A5, and share my harvest.

as of April 2013, only the Dongguan Sina micro-blog active rate of more than 90% active users up to 1 million 190 thousand, if micro-blog marketing effect is well done, this is equivalent to more than and 100 flow over a million forum stack up the propaganda effect, even better. Sina micro-blog operations center set up in Dongguan city in early April this year, it is to see the Dongguan region has a large number of valuable users can have developed businesses, offering paid micro-blog marketing training courses.

here summed up the mystery of micro-blog rose powder.

2009 on September, micro-blog released more than 1 months, I began to pay attention to Sina micro-blog, and registered the Sina micro-blog. Due to the attention and use of sina micro-blog is not many people, I also slowly fade out of sina micro-blog, did not do too much systematic research, and even once forgotten Sina’s login password. Until 2012, I slowly realized the significance and value of micro-blog marketing. 2013, due to the work of more travel, learning about micro-blog marketing, I am a big step behind everyone.

registered micro-blog friends hope that their fans can continue to grow, side also has a lot of friends playing micro-blog, often share their experience for me. In the micro-blog Marketing Forum, my understanding of micro-blog: micro-blog is the best embodiment of a soft power marketing platform, content quality is not high, the fans will be canceled, if not canceled, the content does not feature, also be submerged in many No one shows any interest in the content. More radical approach is to do everything possible to get new fans, relying on probability events to achieve marketing purposes. Somewhat similar to get the search engine traffic optimization work. In fact, the problem has to return to the nature of the problem, micro-blog positioning is also a factor in determining the effectiveness of micro-blog marketing. Sina forum to teach micro-blog how to do marketing, I also talk about the individual micro-blog play and ideas.

1, micro-blog platform selection problem

we can go to the election and the election of the micro-blog platform is undoubtedly the Tencent micro-blog and Sina micro-blog, a lot of people may not seriously consider this issue, the default Sina micro

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