nteractive product friends return to China’s capital market to complete 500 million Pre PO financi

sina science and technology news December 3rd afternoon news, the program to buy DSP, big data marketing platform interactive products announced today in Beijing, the demolition of the VIE architecture to return to the domestic capital market. Meanwhile, the friends of interactive products also announced that it has completed 500 million yuan financing.

it is understood that the amount of financing of the domestic advertising technology company is the single largest amount of financing by China Mobile and State Development Investment Corp in the fund industry, the shift of innovation investment fund, Gehua, joint venture deep collar vote, broadband capital founder Tian Suning also become pinyou after the return of shareholders. After the completion of the financing, the interaction of the product will be grafted friends of China’s capital market forces, to build a big data marketing ecosystem.

friends interactive founder and CEO Huang Xiaonan said that the company is studying the next step in the capital opportunity, the registration system, the strategic emerging industries board, the new board and many other good are worth looking forward to. Huang Xiaonan said: domestic advertising program is entering the outbreak of the outbreak, and the industrial structure has been formed, return to the domestic capital market will be able to further accelerate the development of interactive product friends."

however, Huang Xiaonan also said that the return of friends of capital does not mean to give up the international market, in the past year, the product of friends has made great progress in the cross-border electricity supplier marketing, next year will be the full range of the layout of globalization".

for pinyou strategic development next year, pinyou co-founder and COO Xie Peng said that the future of friends will further increase the purchase of mobile advertising program business and new media flow platform docking, covering the whole quality of resources and technology to lead the development of the industry; will increase in the brand effect, business, tourism, education so what ROI industry to make greater investment. (Zhou Xuedie)

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